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Who are we ?

Tisa Lifeboats & NDT Services, S.A. is a Panamanian Company instituted 15 years ago, dedicated to the inspection of lifeboats safety devices, load testing of ship cranes, davits, and lifting apparatus.

Most recently we have been performing class approved non-destructive and ultrasonic thickness measurements services focusing not only to the marine industry but also to the mining, power plants, aviation, and food industries.

Tisa Lifeboat & NDT Services not only can perform jobs in our country but also in most of Latin America including the Caribbean islands.

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Our Mission

To provide lifeboat inspection services, load testing, and consulting in the areas of non-destructive and welding testing, based on the compliance of codes, standards and procedures, while ensuring the integrity of people, goods and the environment.


To be the most recognized Lifeboat and NDT Services company in Latin America and the Caribbean, offering general services, to the industry in general, through high quality and safety standards.

Tisa Lifeboats & NDT Services S.A., is a Panamanian company established 15 years ago, dedicated to lifeboat, load test, non-destructive, and ultrasonic thickness measurement services.