TISA LIFEBOAT can perform:

All types of cargo gear and crane load tests up to 150 tons.

All types of load tests for lifeboats, rescue boats, and davits.

All types of load tests for gangways.

All tests can be performed while the vessels are afloat, anchored at the Cristobal inner port, at the Balboa port, or alongside berth.
The following certified equipment is being used, and on completion, a certificate is issued for:

Dynamometer up to 12 tons.

Dynamometer up to 45 tons.

Dynamometer up to 75 tons.

Water bags of 0.3, 0.5, 1 and 5 tons for lifeboats, davits, gangways and provision cranes.

Water bags of 30 tons for Cargo cranes.

Combining the above equipment allows us to offer a wide range of services. When dealing with load tests of lifeboats and davits, we also wish to draw your attention to the fact that we offer a complete package, including LSA inspections.

Tisa Lifeboats & NDT Services S.A., is a Panamanian company established 15 years ago, dedicated to lifeboat, load test, non-destructive, and ultrasonic thickness measurement services.